Times10 Agency is unique to the video production industry, and it shows in our approach. From end-to-end, customer satisfaction comes first. When you join our team as a Videographer, you are joining a highly rated, experienced group of video professionals that will push your capabilities as a shooter and editor.

Our post-production processes are unlike any digital agency in the world. Behind the scenes at Times10 we are highly automated, and highly motivated to deliver the best end result possible, in the shortest amount of time possible. We place a high value on both speed and professionalism. Revisions are always blazing fast; in some cases overnight, or even same-day for a variety of our high profile clients. In today’s fast-moving world of startups and social media, brands depend on Times10 to deliver quick results and move through post-production seamlessly.

We are looking for a highly creative and extremely focused Videographer to help in executing our video production. We need a quick thinker who can help us make a big impact in an ever and always changing industry. This person will produce and edit videos for marketing. The Videographer will be part of the content marketing team and will work cross-functionally with the creative team.

As a Videographer, you’ll be an integral part of our Media Team. You’ll be actively involved in every stage of the video production process, from setting up/breaking down filming equipment, to shooting footage, to editing that footage into engaging video content for Times10 clients.

As a Video Shooter you will be called upon to attend live events, sporting events, activations, public appearances, and much more in order to capture premium content. You will be working as part of a team, capturing motion content in line with the visual aesthetic that has been planned with the team beforehand. Your working knowledge of equipment and visual style are imperative in this position.

As a Video Editor, this fast-paced environment excites you. Some weeks you may touch as many as a dozen or more projects. Some for a few quick edits, and others on a deeper level at the direction of a Creative Director and other Video Editors. You get great satisfaction in making perfect-cuts, finding a rhythm, and bringing out the best in the subjects we film. Ideally, you have experience working in multi-camera editing environments, or are eager to learn. Additionally, you enjoy working with a wide-variety of projects from week-to-week, and are willing to learn industry trends as they come in and out of style. The Video Editor will be expected to meet hard deadlines and make quick revisions.

Our values are at the core of our business, so we also want someone who is ready to commit to a team-oriented, collaborative work culture.

Key Qualifications :

  • 2-5 years of prior editing experience;
  • 2-5 years of experience shooting video;
  • Working knowledge of a variety of camera equipment including:
    • RED Dragon
    • Sony A7Sii / Atomos Ninja
    • Cannon 5D Mark iiii, iiii
    • Ronin Gimbal System
  • Strong understanding of Adobe Creative Suite, especially Adobe Premiere;
  • Prior experience producing content for YouTube, Vimeo or other online platforms & websites; The ability to handle multiple projects per week, and dozens of projects per month
  • Experience in online audio-visual/multimedia content creation
  • Proven expertise in video recording equipment and processes
  • Dedication to best practices in lighting and audio
  • Knowledge of video and audio compression and encoding methods
  • Strong organizational skills and the ability to multi-task and meet deadlines
  • Ability to collaborate and take feedback
  • Awareness of social media content optimization and specs
  • Take quality notes, document work, and translate client directives into a finalized product.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Desire to consistently raise the bar
  • Ability to work in a fun and fast-paced environment with a positive team.


Job Type: Full-time