meet the partners

Ben Ricciardi

Ben RicciardiFounder / CEO

Ben didn’t accidentally end up in this profession. Better said, he grew up in it. Both sets of his grandparents were cutting-edge entrepreneurs. His father, Peter, still remains a highly sought-after marketing and franchising consultant after having spent years in professional sports where he was recognized as a master promoter and corporate partnership genius. His Mom is an award-winning author, a former film critic, a veteran of professional theater and currently, a writing professor at an acclaimed East Coast University. His brother is the man behind Popular Demand, a streetwear success story, inspired by L.A. and worn throughout the world. Ben credits his family for his 24/7/365 work ethic, his unwillingness to say no to what others would simply consider too challenging and his ability to bring all kinds of people together to ensure the success of any project.

Michael Adrian

Michael AdrianCreative Director / Partner

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Michael studied film and cinematography at Hofstra University. His studies at New York City’s School of Audio Engineering led to his work as a studio manager at Manhattan’s Lower Houston Studios. He then transitioned to lead producer at Verizon’s Mobile Recording Studio, a fully functional, touring recording studio. There he spent eleven months of the year on the road, creating content with some of the world’s biggest artists.

During his Verizon years, Michael worked with The Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift, Greenday, Timbaland, Rihanna, Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum, David Guetta, Natasha Bedingfield, Jordin Sparks as well as other renowned recording artists. In addition, Michael also engineered sessions for The Black Eyed Peas’ hit album, The Beginning.

Soon after touring, Michael relocated to Los Angeles and partnered with Ben Ricciardi of Times10, first serving as the agency’s Creative Director. Well versed in all types of media, Michael brilliantly leads the diverse and extremely talented team of creatives at Times10 with his ‘whatever it takes’ demeanor and his brilliant eye. He can be found leading creative briefs, in the editing bay, working in collaboration with the designers or holding a camera.

the team

Eric Kelly - Content Coordinator

Eric Kelly

Niko McKnight - Photographer

Niko McKnight

David Martirosyan - Video Editor

David Martirosyan

Frankie Hanlon - Renaissance Man

Frankie Hanlon

Jacob Kossman - Web Developer

Jacob Kossman

Everett Lee - Graphic Design

Everett Lee

Shivaun O’Brien - Bookkeeper

Shivaun O’Brien

Keara Sexton - Copywriter

Keara Sexton

Aislinn Pallera - Graphic Design

Aislinn Pallera

Danny Kim - 3D Visual Artist

Danny Kim

Annie DeSanctis - Project Manager

Annie DeSanctis

Bradford Wray - Project Manager

Bradford Wray